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This is my library of essays, articles, and commentary on current issues as well as older things I wrote years ago.

Below on the “Editorial Page” are additional articles I really like and I wish I could have written them.

My 1982 book, THE INCOME TAX MUST GO!, is here, as well as many shorter articles published in other places.

My basic values and beliefs are libertarian; my way of forming and changing my ideas and beliefs is skeptical (empirical, critical) with a bias toward natural law/natural rights theory. Those labels are discussed in detail in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Check out the list of publications in my Vitae. Very few are accessible anywhere else on line, so my project for the coming year is to link them up. I plan to digitize everything I have ever written and put it on this site.


Editorial Page

Immigration Socialism versus Freedom and the Free Market
by Jacob G. Hornberger

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled
Transcript of a report from the Finnish Broadcasting Co.

California: The Big-Spending, High-Taxing,
Lousy Services Paradigm
by William Voegeli

Poetry is an Example of Free Will
by Joe Cobb

Audit the Fed? Why?
by Joe Cobb

India and Climate Change
by William Antholis

Don’t Treat CO2 as a Pollutant
by Mark W. Hendrickson

Identity: “Know Thyself”
by Richard Russell

Bound to Burn
by Peter Huber

Respond to Medical Pot Raids with Legalization
by Anthony Gregory

Massachussetts Debacle,
Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood.

The Wall Street Journal

Capitalism Needs a Sound-Money Foundation
by Judy Shelton

Ruin Your Health with the Obama Stimulus Plan
by Betsy McClaughy

Photo Enforcement (highway speed) Cameras
by Joe Cobb

Our Culture Is Better
by Geert Wilders, interviewed by James Taranto

Taxes and Justice
by Tibor Machan

The Great Recession
by Joe Cobb

In Praise of Cheap Labor
by Paul Krugman

Obama’s Magic. Presto, Change-o!
by Kim Strassel

Why I Am Not a Conservative
by Jim Davidson

The Credit Collapse is Having a Similar Effect
as an International Trade Barrier
by Joe Cobb

Cap & Trade is Not a Market Solution
by Robert P. Murphy

Contracts as Good as Gold
by Amity Shlaes

Ranked Chioice Voting in the Electoral College
by Joe Cobb

Fitna, a Bold Film Against Tyranny
by Geert Wilders

Ron Paul / Steve Kubby for President
by Joe Cobb

Obama’s Global Tax Proposal Up for Senate Vote
by Cliff Kinkaid

“A Vote for Liberty is Not Wasted”
by Tibor Machan

Competition in Currency: Ron Paul’s “Nutty” Idea
by Peter Brimelow
with commentary by Joe Cobb

My Endorsement of Steve Kubby
for President of the United States

Question from a Friend
Politics is about power

by Jim Babka and Perry Willis

Long Range Solar Forecast
published by NASA, May 10, 2006

Secularism is not a Religion
by Joe Cobb

The Meaning of Ron Paul’s Support
by Marc Guttman

The Weak Dollar and Inflation
by Joe Cobb

The United States Government is not Christian
Article 11 of treaty ratified by the Senate in 1797

Their Claim is that an Enemy Exists
by Joe Cobb

Libertarians Rising
by Michael Kinsley

Capitalist Heroes
by David Kelley

Why Do We Need a Government Budget?
by Joe Cobb

An Inconvenient Fact
by Patrick Moore

Sen. Craig’s Opportunity After Congress
by Joe Cobb

Envy: How to Defeat the Insidious Green Monster
by Michael Masterson

Chief Scientist Revises Global Warming Data
by Joe Cobb

Gays Become Just Another Special Interest
by John Fund

Religous Doctors No More Likely to Care for Underserved Patients
from University of Chicago Magazine

Free Markets Also Have Tough Negotiators
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

with an introduction by Joe Cobb

Racism? Ron Paul?
by Joe Cobb

The Complex Life and Death of Pat Tillman
from Centre for Liberal Studies

Welfare Rights
by Joe Cobb

Video interview on the economics of war.
Joe Cobb interviewed in 2005.

Should We Abolish the Federal Reserve?
by Joe Cobb

It’s Time for the Truth about the USS Liberty
by Ward Boston, Jr.

Illegal Immigration: Surely This is a Victimless Crime
by Joe Cobb

Global Warming: Nature Goes Against Science
by Robert Matthews

Libertarians Win an Election,
Eliminate a Goverment Program
by Kim Hawk

Libertarians’ Silver Lining in the Dark Cloud
by Brian Doherty

The Tax on Your Retirement Savings
by Joe Cobb

Ron Paul for President
by Joe Cobb

Christopher Monckton: Strong Voice
on Climate Change

with an introduction by Joe Cobb

Little Scraps of Paper for the I.R.S.
by Joe Cobb

10 Myths – and 10 Truths – About Atheism
by Sam Harris

Subsidized Agriculture and Illegal Immigration
by Joe Cobb

Climate Change: The Pollution Solution
by Russell Seitz

Early Social Security Retirement:
Good Idea?
by Joe Cobb

Santa Claws Is Coming to Town
by Joe Cobb

Court Orders California Counties to Obey
Medical Marijuana Law
from the Orange County Register

Remembering Milton Friedman
by Joe Cobb

Cure for the Immigration “Problem” – Stop Subsidizing Farmers
by Joe Cobb

Why the Defeat of Conservatives Nov.7
is Important for Libertarians
by Joe Cobb

Libertarians Made a Difference; We Changed the Government
by Joe Cobb

The Right Stuff
by Edward L. Hudgins

Is Gay Marriage a Threat to Marriage?
by Steve Chapman

How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care
by David Gratzer, as summarized by NCPA

N.Y. Times Column About Libertarian Defections
by John Tierney

Summary of Arizona 2006 Ballot Propositions
Libertarian Party analysis and recommendations

Vote ‘NO’ on the Minimum Wage Nov.7
– Ballot Proposition 202
by Joe Cobb

Why You Should Vote for Me Nov.7
as your candidate for Congress
by Joe Cobb

My Position on GLBT Rights;
Nov.7 – Vote ‘NO’ on Prop. 107
by Joe Cobb

N.Y. Times Editorial, “Rushing Off a Cliff,” Sept.28
condemning the new Military Commissions law


Second Page

Calvin Coolidge on the Declaration of Independence

Ron Paul Got 16% in Pennsylvania.
This video did it for him.

Public Law 99-185
Background of Ron Paul’s Legislative Achievement
by Joe Cobb

The Pursuit of Excellence [draft]
by Joe Cobb

Global Warming: Myths and Reality
by Jarret Wollstein

Is Abortion Murder?
by Tibor R. Machan

Unflattering Picture of Al Gore

Stonewall Libertarians Chapter in Arizona

Christine Smith for President?
by Joe Cobb

Who Pays the Income Tax?
by Bruce Bartlett

Curriculum Vitae of Joe Cobb


A book by Joe Cobb
[click here to go to the Table of Contents]

The Income Tax Must Go! (1982)

We should repeal the 16th Amendment; then the original Article I, Section 2 (census) method would automatically once again become Constitutional tax law. Federal taxation was originally supposed to be apportioned to the States by population. Different States would each use various revenue methods.

Competition among tax regimes in different States would start to occur, and the political dynamic of Federal spending would also change. Some states with less burdensome taxes would grow faster, run a fiscal surplus, and others would stagnate and run fiscal deficits. The people would learn better policy from the comparative experience.

With all Federal money coming only from State legislatures, the “gravy train” of money from Washington would no longer seem to be “found money.” Local and State governments would immediately have to start collecting the full cargo of Federal revenue — proportionate to each State’s population (not based on its prosperity or wealth). States would not be taxed more for being more successful economically.

Local legislators would pressure their U.S. Representatives and Senators for lower Federal taxes, instead of pressuring for more earmarked pork projects, because all Federal money would have to be raised locally by State legislators. Local politicians would probably not support any members of their own party for promotion to Congress who were big spending tax increasers — in contrast to how it works today.

A truly revolutionary proposal! We normally think of the Federal income tax as a fiscal policy tool, affecting the economy, but more importantly it has changed the entire structure of federalism in our political system. Restoring federalism is more important than getting rid of the I.R.S.